The sole purpose of my creation was to
Bring forth the wisdom of omnipotent rage
So that the children of man
May learn how pitiful they are

They who shall return
They who shall mark the end of this world again

To seize it once more
For them to trample with their wretched
Hooves and unmake into nothingness

Schleimge Larve, Fleischnarben, Jämmerliche wesen
Unw ürdig vor der verbreitund der ersten gotter zu stehen

To banish the sun for all eternity
So that the oblivion may swallow everything
In the totality of existence

Um die sonne für alle ewigkeit zu verbannen
Sodass diese vergessenheit alles in
Der totalität ihrer existenz schlucken möge

Erleuchte, nicht mehr!

Muculent larva, grains of flesh, despicable beings
This is the final silence, Endstille, the final silence

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