Hey baby what you doing?
Your flight left yet?
Pshh i'm half way there
I can't wait to see you
So tell me have you left yet damn

I'm running late to the airport
Every time we do this
In my mind saying should i go through with this?
All i see is you kissing me
Last time shut my eyes
Plane goes higher higher

Hotel's booked all i have to do is get my key
I can't wait to have you walk up and hold on me, yeah
I've never felt this way before

1 - but in the morning
When you're gone
I must wait and be strong
And have faith
You'll return
In my arms
Hope you miss your flight
Hope you miss your flight

Casablanca has always been my dream
I heard that it's absolutely radiant in spring
In the garden drinking shots of hennesy
Calm my nerves, it's been way too long for me

Finally we're driving in a far out dream
Nothing seems even real or close for me
Afternoon sun showers change the way i see
I've never felt this way before

Repeat 1 (2x)

It's okay, it's okay
(it's okay)
It's okay, it's okay

Repeat 1 till end

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