Deep in the dungeons of my minds affliction
War-ridden rage against decline and addiction
There's no relief, no hope, no benediction
My greatest fiend in life?
Deep in the darkness of my hearts infliction
Forever I'm bound to eternal contradiction
Falter towards the final submission

I am my greatest fiend in life

Insanity consumes my mind
Some might say I lost the line
And I don't claim to contradict it
Some day you might realize

That you are just the next in line

Walk through the valleys of my self deception
Deep in the darkness of this life's reflection
There is no hope, there's no resurrection
Am I my greatest fiend in life?
Faltering lost and blind through insanity
Broken and battered by this life's profanity
I'm only driven by my own mortality
I am my greatest fiend in life

As time pass
Insanity consumes our minds
We cant deny
We're all pawns in the game of life

As time pass by
We fade into the endless night
We cant deny
We're just mortals awaiting to die

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