George Lamond



George Lamond

It`s been so long girl since I felt this way
So many times you stole my heart away
Before I say the things I want to say
I need to know that you will be the one for me
I`d like to know how far this love will go
I want to be the one who`s left you know
That this won`t only be a memory
Just tell me what you see, just what this love can be

Just look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
Promises were broken
Now it`s you girl that I need
Just look into my eyes
You see a rainbow we can share
Please don`t let this be another lie
Just look into my eyes
Just look into my eyes

--- have got me --- this other day
Just tell me what, I need to hear you say
I want to play those games I used to play
Baby can`t you see, just what you do to me
It`s hard enough to find a love thats true
How heaven knows girl I wanted to be with you
---Other times I`ve left it up to you
Just open up your heart, and girl just turn the key


How I need you girl to find a love so true
Just take my hand and show me what this means to you
A special lover all our dreams come true
Just look into my eyes and share this dream just me and you

Chorus (2x)

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