Eden Row



Eden Row

I guess i'll try to write one more silly summer song
something for the masses, something for the kids to sing along
let's go down to the beach, make out in secret, eat ice cream
is that someone listening to the latest hit on mtv
It won't be long
you'll sing along
Roll down the windows
turn up the radio
come on, let's go
listen to the dj
tell you what to play
everyone stays in the sun too long
every single girl's got her best dress on
for all you out there
this is the summer song
I guess i'm writing another silly summer song
cruising down the highway with my car's rooftop down, i drive around
the girls are on the streets like movie stars in one big scene
just like in fenway park it's one, two, strike three

sing along
sing along my friend
sing along
sing along again

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